Cómo Usar Un Collar Martingale Correctamente

How to Wear a Martingale Collar Correctly

In its beginnings, the Martingale collar It was specially designed for greyhounds and hounds due to the shape of their bodies. Today, this collar is not only recommended for dogs with heads as narrow as their necks. Trainers often use it to replace traditional training collars, especially in situations where the dog tries to pull or escape. Through a small pressure, this collar allows us to make a wake-up call and correct unwanted behaviors. So that it fulfills all its functions and allows the well-being of the animal, in this article we teach you how to use a martingale collar correctly .

How to use a Martingale collar correctly

Steps to place the Martingale collar

For the greyhound's walk with its Martingale collar to be pleasant for both the animal and you, it is essential that this accessory is well placed. If the collar is loose, the dog would get loose, but if it is too tight, we can harm the animal. Don't worry, place a Martingale collar It's easy, you just have to follow these three steps:

  1. Choose the necklace size. When choosing a Martingale collar, we must measure the contour of our dog's head and neck, to ensure buy the right size . On the candyPet website you have a Martingale collar size guide .
  2. Put the Martingale collar on the dog and adjust its size. We slide the collar over the greyhound's head, adjusting it into position. So that the collar does not fit too tightly around the greyhound's neck, it should be adjusted so that it is behind its ears. We must make sure that we can get two fingers between the collar and the dog's neck.
  3. Attach and adjust the leash to the collar. Once we have the collar placed with the size adjusted to our greyhound, we connect the leash to the ring. Like the collar, the leash should have the correct fit, not too tight, not too loose. Just enough to keep the martingale collar in place. At candyPet we have Martingale collars and matching leashes, made of the highest quality 100% cotton fabric with exclusive designs. The buckles on the leash allow us to hang accessories, allowing us to have them at hand during training.

How to use a Martingale collar correctly

We now have our collar placed and adjusted. Now we teach you how to use a Martingale collar correctly . It is very important that Do not pull strongly on the leash , as this could cause discomfort to our dog, and even cause more serious damage or injury. Pulls are not necessary. If the collar is placed correctly, when the greyhound pulls on the leash during his walk, it will adjust to his neck, helping to stop him. With just a little pressure, the collar draws our dog's attention. The width of the Martingale collar is important, even more so if the dog is large or strong. A wider collar distributes pressure better around the dog's neck. Thanks to the width of the candyPet Martingale collars, they have a semi-choke system.

With the aim of creating a company in constant innovation, at candyPet® we follow the highest standards of quality and originality in dog accessories. Each accessory produced in our workshop is designed to be not only a beautiful product, but also safe and comfortable for our pets. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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