Collar Or Harness, Which Is Better For Your Dog?

Collar or Harness? We help you choose

Are there differences between one and the other? What is the best option for my dog? Discover below everything you need to know to choose between Collar or Harness .

If you are a new dog owner or even a long-time dog owner, you may not have even asked yourself this question: What is better for my dog, collar or harness? Maybe you just went to the nearest store and bought the coolest or cheapest collar or harness. But it is essential to know the differences and advantages of each, and know how to correctly choose the most suitable one for your pet.

Differences between Harness and Collar

As you already know, not all dogs have the same needs, and walk time is no less. If we want to know the differences between harness and collar For our dog, we must know what occasion each one is for. The collar has always been the most used, but in recent years the use of the harness has become popular. And this is what the experts say about it.

The collar is placed around the animal's neck, so if we have a dog that is very strong, or that usually pulls on the leash, we can cause damage to the area of ​​the larynx or esophagus, contractures or muscle discomfort.

On the other hand, the harness is placed on the dog's body, wrapping around the chest. In this way, even if the animal exerts a lot of force during the walk, we will not hurt sensitive areas such as the neck. Despite this, some experts claim that the ergonomics of the harness cause the dog to pull more on the leash than when walking with a collar, but this is not a proven theory. Most likely, this depends on each animal, and we, the owners, will be in charge of knowing what our animal is most comfortable with.

Another important aspect is to know Correctly place the harness on our dog . On the Internet we can find a multitude of videos and blogs that will teach us how to do it. But the fundamental thing is the comfort of the dog as well as the restraint, neither too tight nor too loose, without the dog feeling trapped but without having the harness hanging.

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Collar or Harness, which is better for your dog?

Answering the question about which is best for our pet, collar or harness?

We must take into account, first of all, the type of dog we have. If it is a large or small breed, if they are naturally more or less nervous during walks, or if they have a large build that allows them to exert a lot of strength.

If our animal is small, calm or does not pull on the leash when we take it out, the necklace it's a good option. Although if we see that he is more comfortable using a harness, we should consider that option as well.

On the contrary, our pet may be nervous or used to pulling on the leash when he gets excited or sees other dogs. In this case it is more advisable to harness , to avoid causing discomfort or damage to the neck area.

This may not seem like a really important choice to us, but the reality is that it can be very harmful to use the wrong method to walk our pet, in addition to the psychological component. If our dog relates the walk or his collar or harness as something stressful, uncomfortable or annoying; It will be increasingly difficult for us to put it on and for it to go out to do its business.

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