Our history

Story of a biologist mom and her love for animals

I am Paola, Graduate in Biology, mother of two children, founder of candyPet, lover of animals and nature, and this is our story:

Since I was very little I have had a passion for animals. That prompted me to pursue a Bachelor's degree in Biology, and then a master's degree in Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology.

I continued my training, and obtained the title of Veterinary Assistant as well.

In 2014, in the middle of his doctorate in Developmental Biology and Genetics,
I decided to change course since what I was doing did not make me happy.

2014: candyPet is born in Seville

In search of that path to happiness and personal growth. I decided to open a pet accessories store in Seville, to be closer to my beloved animals again.

But I still felt like something was missing, but I didn't know what yet.

I am a very restless person, I am always inventing something. Until one day, I decided to use my home sewing machine to sew some Martingale collars, because my clients requested them a lot.

We displayed the necklaces in our store, and such was the success that I began to make more and more, we began to sell to stores throughout Spain.

The first Martingale collars come to light

And that's when I knew... I would create my own brand of pet products, putting quality and safety as a priority, without leaving design aside. We bet everything on this new project that involved the design and manufacture of Martingale collars, with the knowledge and experience that comes with being the third generation in the textile industry.

We needed to dedicate all the time we had to it. So we closed the store and dedicated ourselves exclusively to making the necklaces.

After making 500 Martingale collars, I was able to save enough to buy the first industrial sewing machine.

And from there we grew step by step.

Getting started is not always easy

Not everything has been a bed of roses, there were moments of wanting to throw in the towel, putting in more hours than clockwork working from Monday to Sunday, with small children around, a thousand moves in which my industrial machine went with me everywhere (having Keep in mind that it weighs about 50 kg).

But the conviction that you can start a business in Spain as a woman, mother and foreigner, without forgetting the love for animals that makes us always pursue the goal of creating comfortable, safe and beautiful products; It gave us strength to fight against everything and move forward. Because our pets are one of the family and they deserve it.

In the summer of 2020 a key moment arrived: we were able to increase the team. It was a before and after, since it allowed me not to have to work from Monday to Sunday, and to increase the production of necklaces and add more products.

Around October of that same year, after working from home for almost 6 years, we rented the first workshop, it seemed enormous to us, going from a room of less than 10m2 to 30m2!

candyPet all over Europe

We were in our first workshop for about two years, until in 2022 we were tight again. Since there were 3 of us in the team, a lot of material, two machines, a cutting table, and managing orders for all of Europe.

Then we took another big leap: buying our current workshop of about 75m2. In which we have space to put all our stock, the machines, Wally's bed (our Greyhound cross) next to my desk because he comes to work every day since it is the official candyPet model, and the one that fills of kisses (and hair) to the staff. We always like to listen to our clients. And thanks to this we decided to increase the product line by including harnesses, wool collars, bag holders, and many other things in the catalog.

candyPet in the US

In 2023, following the strong request of our customers, we decided to design our own line of clothing for sighthounds, due to the difficulty that exists in the market in accessing clothing designed specifically for greyhounds, hounds and whippets, among others. Our clients told us: “everything fits like a bag of potatoes.” So we got to work, and while we were at it, we designed clothing and 3-point anti-escape harnesses. It took several months of testing, going to shelters to try everything on many different types of greyhounds. That's why we are very happy that they are being a total success.

At the end of 2023 we reached another milestone, which I always wanted to reach from the beginning: we started selling our products in the US!

On February 17, 2024 candyPet turns 10 years old! 🎂

Thank you for being there with us all these years.

We are very proud of everything we have achieved, and everything that is to come.

Thank you for supporting small businesses like ours to keep going and growing.

Thank you for wanting to give your pet products designed with love, not only beautiful but prioritizing quality and safety.