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Dog Leash

If a new furry member has just arrived in your family, or you simply want to renew your pet's accessories, in this article we will tell you everything you need to know about the dog leash

dog leash

Among the accessories that we must acquire when a furry friend comes into our life, the dog leash It is a must. In many areas, the laws require belt for dogs, thus ensuring that they are restrained in public areas to maintain their safety and that of other pedestrians. Additionally, the leash is a very useful tool to keep your companion safe and controlled during walks and outdoor activities. It allows you to have more control over your dog and prevent him from pulling or moving too far away, as well as helping you guide him in the direction you want.

What is the best dog leash?

If you are looking for a new accessory, you may be wondering What is the best dog leash ? When purchasing a dog leash, there are several factors that you should take into account to choose the best option for your pet.

  • Dog size . If your dog is large and strong, you will need a stronger and more durable leash than if your dog is small and calm.
  • Type of activity . The leash you choose will depend on the type of walk you take with your pet. If you plan to walk or run with your dog, you will need an extendable leash that is suitable for that particular activity and allows you to keep the animal safe and controlled.
  • Material . This accessory is usually made of different materials such as leather, nylon or cotton. Each material has its own characteristics and advantages, so you should choose the one that best suits your needs and preferences. Make sure the leash material does not cause irritation to your dog's skin. Candypet straps are made of cotton, soft and comfortable so as not to irritate your dog's skin, especially if it is sensitive. In addition, cotton is a resistant material, suitable for cleaning in the washing machine, which will make your strap durable and you will not have to renew it often.
  • Length . The length will depend on the type of activity you do with your dog. If you are in an enclosed space, such as a park or a busy street, you will need a short leash to keep your dog close. If you are in an open space, such as a field, a longer leash may be helpful to allow your pet to explore and have fun.
  • Comfort . You should choose a leash that is comfortable for both you and your dog, with an appropriate material so as not to cause discomfort, and an ergonomic and practical handle for grip for long periods of time.
  • Security . Make sure it has a strong, secure carabiner to attach to your dog's collar. In addition, it is worth considering that accessories such as disposable bags can be hung.

You should not only pay attention to the strap. The harness is of vital importance so that the leash fulfills its function and provides your pet with the experience of a comfortable and safe walk. He adjustable harness to the chest and neck is the best option to combine with a dog's belt . In candyPet® you can find harness and leash pack , so that your dog can wear a set with a unique design and unbeatable quality.

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