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How to Choose a Harness for a Dog

There are different types of dog harness , depending on its shape, its materials, its function or the size of the dog. To know How to choose the harness for a dog, you just have to study the various options and see which one best suits your needs.

How to choose the harness for a dog

Appearance is not the only important thing if you are thinking How to choose the harness for a dog . There are different types of dog harness , depending on its shape, its materials, its function or the size of the dog.

Dog harness according to its shape

exist dog harness in different ways:

  • Chest harness , the most common type of dog harness It fits around the dog's chest and abdomen, distributing pressure more evenly compared to wearing a collar. It is ideal for dogs that pull during walks , as it helps to exert greater control and prevents excessive pressure on the neck.
  • Back harness , placed on the back of the dog, around its back. This type of harness is advisable for small dogs, or dogs that do not pull on the leash. However, it is not recommended for large dogs with force, as they may be injured by the pressure on the spine exerted by the harness.

Dog harness according to its function

The shape of the harness will be of great importance depending on the function we want to give it. If we look for a harness for walking , it is recommended to opt for the option of chest harness , which will allow our dog to walk safely and not be damaged when pulling on the leash. This harness, also known as anti-pull harness, are specifically designed for walks, with a special design that helps redirect the force of the pull towards the dog's shoulders and chest, thanks to the ring on the front of the chest to attach the leash.

If you like traveling with your dog in the car , the important thing is that the animal is as safe as possible to avoid distractions and any damage. Car safety harnesses clip to the vehicle belt, preventing the dog from moving around too much during the trip.

Dog harness according to size

When choosing a dog harness Depending on its size, the shape of this accessory will also determine which option we choose.

In the case of a harness for large dogs , it is important to choose a harness that provides good control and comfort. Remember that large dogs may have more strength and power, so it is essential to make sure the harness is strong and well-fitted. In this case, we will opt for the chest harness. Thus, even if the dog pulls hard on the leash, we will be able to distribute the pressure over its body evenly, and we will not cause damage. In addition, these harnesses are designed with additional padding in the chest area, providing us with a greater sense of security and we can walk calmly.

For this accessory to have greater durability and control, opt for a leather material and strong and resistant seams will be the best option harness for large dogs

If, on the other hand, we look for a harness for small dogs , we will opt for a back harness, placed on the dog's front legs and fastened at the back. We will try to find a harness made of nylon or soft fabric, light, comfortable and soft materials.

In any case, when choosing a dog harness , it is essential to correctly measure the size of your pet and adjust the harness appropriately to prevent it from escaping or getting hurt.

How to choose a harness for greyhound dogs

He greyhound harness It is a type of harness designed specifically with the needs and particular anatomy of this breed of dog in mind. It usually has special features to adapt to the slim and athletic shape of these animals, which differentiates it from conventional harnesses.

Its ergonomic design features a specialized shape that fits around the deep, starry chest of greyhounds. In addition, this type of harness has soft padding in the areas that are in contact with the greyhound's body, to distribute pressure evenly and prevent chafing or irritation to the dog's skin. The materials are light, but resistant and durable, facilitating comfort and mobility.

The adjustment of greyhound harness It has several points to provide security. It may have adjustable straps around the chest and neck, to fit the specific size and shape of the greyhound.

To know how to choose the harness for a dog, you just have to do your research and choose the type of harness for dogs that best suits your pet.

In candyPet® you can find a variety of harnesses designed to provide your dog with comfort and safety during their walks. We follow the highest standards of quality and originality in accessories for dogs. Each accessory produced in our workshop is designed to be not only a beautiful product, but also safe and comfortable. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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