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How to Put a Harness on a Dog

Putting a harness on a dog can be a safer and more comfortable way to control it during walks or trips. To fulfill its function, this accessory must be correctly placed and adapted to your pet's body. In this article we teach you how to put a harness on a dog.

How to put a harness on a dog

If you want to know how to put a harness on a dog , follow these tips

  1. Choose the right harness . There are different types of dog harness, so you should choose the one that best fits your furry friend. It is important to use a harness that correctly fits the size and shape of your dog, as if it is too small or large, it can be uncomfortable and difficult to put on.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the harness before putting it on your dog . Take a moment to examine it and get to know all its parts: straps, buckles, adjustments...
  3. Introduce the harness to your dog . Let him smell and examine it before putting it on, so he feels comfortable and calm with his new accessory. This will help reduce any anxiety you may associate with the new object.
  4. Give him time. If your dog shows resistance or discomfort, don't force it or get frustrated. You can try again later or seek the help of a professional dog trainer who can provide you with techniques specific to your situation.
  5. Open the harness , all its straps and buckles to prepare it for placement.
  6. Introduce the harness gradually . Start by holding the harness in your hand while you reward and praise your dog with positive words. As your dog gets used to this routine, try running the leash over his back while you give him a treat to keep his attention and associate the harness with a positive experience. This step will help your dog associate the harness with something good.
  7. Adjust the harness over your dog's head, sliding it until you make sure the front part is positioned on his chest. Every dog ​​is different, so you may need to adjust the harness several times to find the perfect fit.
  8. Secure the harness, with its buckles and closures so that it does not come loose during the walk.
  9. Check the fit , making sure it is correct sure . To do this, pull on the straps and check that the harness does not slide or twist out of position.
  10. Reward . Once the harness is properly placed and secured to your dog's body, reward him. This way your dog will end up associating the harness with a pleasant experience.

Sometimes it seems complicated to put a harness on a dog, but by following these steps you will get it done in no time. Remember that every dog ​​is different, and some may need more time and patience than others.

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