GALGO Acrylic Wool Sweater - ETHNIC

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Style, Warmth and Comfort in a Single Product

  • Soft and pleasant touch.
  • Elastic waist for a comfortable and secure fit.
  • High collar for optimal warmth, with fold-over option for added versatility.
  • Ideal for Greyhounds, Sighthounds, Greyhounds
  • Designed in Spain to adapt to the curved backs and deep chests of sighthounds.
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GALGO Acrylic Wool Sweater - ETHNIC

GALGO Acrylic Wool Sweater - ETHNIC


Acrylic Wool Sweater for Greyhounds: Style, Warmth and Comfort in a Single Product

  • Elegant Design : The Wool Sweater features a classic, closed design that keeps your Greyhound warm and stylish. Its simple and sophisticated look makes it a perfect choice for any occasion. Designed in Spain to adapt to the curved backs and deep chests of sighthounds.
  • Perfect Fit : The fit of the jersey is comfortable and secure, allowing your whippet to move freely and confidently. The elastic waist ensures a snug but comfortable fit. High collar for added comfort, which can be folded back.
  • Protection against the Cold : Sighthounds have short fur and thin skin, which makes them more sensitive to low temperatures. Our Acrylic Wool Jersey provides additional insulation, keeping your pet warm and comfortable on cold days.
  • Suitable for Various Breeds of Sighthounds : This sweater is perfect for Greyhound, Podenco, Greyhound, Afghan Hound, Saluki, or Greyhound, offering a suitable fit and stylish appearance for these breeds.

Why is it good to put clothes on dogs in winter?

The following reasons make it clear to uswhy it is good to put clothes on dogs in winter:

Maintaining the temperature of dogs. Adog coatHelps maintain your body temperature to prevent hypothermia. In this way, we manage to prevent the animal's body from being left unprotected when it does not generate enough heat to counteract the cold.

Protection against weather elements. Thewaterproof dog coatsThey act as a barrier against rain, snow and wind. This helps keep them dry and comfortable, preventing them from getting wet and cold.

Dogs with fewer health problems. Excessive cold can contribute to the development of dog health problems such as respiratory diseases and aggravate pre-existing conditions such as arthritis. Thewinter clothes for dogscan help prevent these problems.

More time for dogs outdoors. With adog coatAdequately, these animals can enjoy more time outdoors during the winter, which is essential for their well-being, physical and mental health.

Dog sweatercandyPet®

Not alldogs are cold in winter. Many breeds have a coat of hair that provides some protection against inclement weather. However, breeds with shorter or less dense coats, such asgreyhoundseitherhounds, are more susceptible to cold. The same goes for puppies, older dogs, and those with health problems. Thesedogs feel cold, as they are more vulnerable to low temperatures and require special attention.

ThecandyPet® acrylic wool sweatersThey are of great help so that your dog does not suffer during the winter months. Designed in Spain, they are perfect to keep your loved oneGreyhound, Podenco, Greyhound, Afghan Hound, Saluki,eitherWhippetwarm on cold days. Thisdog sweaterIt is a canine fashion item that combines style and comfort for your loved one.whippet. It is designed with your pet's well-being and elegant appearance in mind.

Style and comfort for your whippet.Hewool jerseyIt is a perfect combination of fashion and functionality. keep yourwarm petand with style on any occasion. Place your order today and give your whippet the warmth and look it deserves!

Available in the following sizes:

GALGO - S: Length: 61 - 66 cm (24-26") Chest: 66 - 71 cm (26-28")

GALGO - M: Length: 66 - 71 cm (26-28") Chest: 71 - 76 cm (28-30")

Greyhound - L: Length: 71 - 76 cm (28-30") Chest: 76 - 81 cm (30-32")


* Length refers to the measurement from the base of the neck to the top of the tail. The chest measurement represents the circumference of the chest area.

* We have two size groups: one is designed specifically for whippets and the other for greyhounds. Both groups have sizes S, M and L available. Make sure you select the appropriate size group based on your dog breed to find the best option for them.


100% Polyester Fabric

Customer Reviews

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Preso per il mio meticcio di 11 anni, comodo caldo …

Preso per il mio meticcio di 11 anni, comodo caldo e molto pratico, ottima qualità

Andreas S.
A wonderful sweater, the pattern and the fabric are very …

A wonderful sweater, the pattern and the fabric are very nice. Putting it on and taking it off is a bit tricky, maybe a Velcro would have helped.

Ideal para el entretiempo

Ideal para el entretiempo


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