Martingale Necklace - STRAWBERRIES

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Hefavorite necklacefor greyhounds. Attract all eyes on every walk

  • 100% cotton fabric, reinforced seams and welded buckles for greater security
  • Valid for any race. Ideal for sighthound dogs, such as greyhounds or hounds
  • Handmade in Spain
  • Estimated delivery date:27 Jun - 01 Jul

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Martingale Necklace - STRAWBERRIES

Martingale Necklace - STRAWBERRIES


Martingale Collar

The Martingale collar is a dog collar made up of two parts, a fixed part and a sliding part. The fixed part contains two rings, where the moving part is placed to tie the leash to the collar.

The Martingale collar is the favorite greyhound collar . Ideal for dog breeds with heads as narrow as the neck, such as greyhounds and hounds, although this type of collar has established itself as a valid solution for all types of breeds, especially large breeds.

A complete anti-escape collar . It is almost impossible to escape a properly fitted Martingale collar . By adapting to your dog's neck, if he tries to escape, he will not be able to stick his head out. If the dog pulls on the leash, the moving part of the Martingale collar slides, causing slight pressure on the neck that will draw its attention, without causing any damage by distributing the pressure over the animal's neck. Thanks to this, they are recommended by trainers as a replacement for traditional training collars.

The candyPet ® Martingale collar is very comfortable, so it can be used every day.

How to use a Martingale collar correctly

If you want to knowhow to wear a martingale collar correctly, so that the walk with your dog is pleasant for both the animal and you, you only have to follow three simple steps:

Choose your sizeMartingale collar.

Place the collar around the dog's neck.

Adjust its size.

Attach and adjust the leash to the collar.

On our blog you can see a step-by-step video on putting on a Martingale video.


Due to the use of 100% cotton, and the characteristics of the fabric, it is inevitable that it will suffer some wear over time. But there are external factors that can cause material deterioration: how much the dog pulls, how active it is and how exposed the product remains to the elements. For this reason, we are not responsible for any deterioration that may result from use, as well as any damage caused by any carelessness or improper use of our products.

Please be sure to check your pets accessories regularly for signs of wear, no pet accessories are indestructible. It is the customer's responsibility to check the condition of the product.

candyPet®is not responsible for the misuse of our products.

IncandyPet®We follow the highest standards of quality and originality in dog accessories. All thedog accessoriesProduced and/or designed in our workshop, they are designed to be not only a beautiful product, but also safe and comfortable for our pets.

Available in the following sizes:

S: Width 4 cm / 1.6 in (25-35 cm / 10-14 in)
M: Width 4 cm / 1.6 in (30-45 cm / 12-18 in)
L: Width 4 cm / 1.6 in (35-65 cm / 14-26 in)
SPECIAL WIDTH: Width 5 cm / 2 in (30-45 cm / 12-18 in)


Consisting of a nylon tape, lined on both sides with cotton fabric, and joined by welded metal buckles.

Thisdog collar,As an extra safety feature, it is made with reinforced seams. To ensure the animal's comfort, the cotton interior prevents chafing on the neck.

Customer Reviews

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Rosa F.

Calidad y durabilidad asegurada

Un collar muy bonito, con una calidad excelente. Es fuerte …

Un collar muy bonito, con una calidad excelente. Es fuerte y bien terminado. Es el segundo que compro.

Michela Vicelli



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