¿Es Bueno Abrigar A Los Perros En Invierno?

Is It Good to Keep Dogs Warm in Winter?

My dog ​​is shaking like he's cold ”, how do you know if a dog is cold? Winter is a season that usually brings low temperatures, cold winds and adverse weather conditions. During this period, it is common for dog owners to ask themselves the question of whether it is good to wrap their dogs in winter to protect them from the cold. This issue is of utmost importance, since the well-being of our pets It's a priority. In this article we talk about dog coats and how to make sure our canine companions are comfortable and safe in the coldest months of the year.

Do dogs get cold in winter?

Not all Dogs are cold in winter . Many breeds have a coat of hair that provides some protection against inclement weather. However, breeds with shorter or less dense coats, such as greyhounds either podencos , are more susceptible to the cold. The same goes for puppies, older dogs, and those with health problems. These Dogs feel cold , as they are more vulnerable to low temperatures and require special attention.

Why is it good to put clothes on dogs in winter?

The following reasons make it clear to us Why it is good to put clothes on dogs in winter :

  • Maintaining the temperature of dogs . A dog coat Helps maintain your body temperature to prevent hypothermia. In this way, we manage to prevent the animal's body from being left unprotected when it does not generate enough heat to counteract the cold.
  • Protection against climatic elements . The waterproof dog coats They act as a barrier against rain, snow and wind. This helps keep them dry and comfortable, preventing them from getting wet and cold.
  • Dogs with fewer health problems . Excessive cold can contribute to the development of dog health problems such as respiratory diseases and aggravate pre-existing conditions such as arthritis. The winter clothes for dogs can help prevent these problems.
  • More time for dogs outdoors . With a dog coat suitable, these animals can enjoy more time outdoors during the winter, which is essential for their well-being , physical and mental health.

candyPet ® dog coat

Dog coats are a great help so that your dog does not suffer during the winter months. Designed to provide thermal insulation and wind protection , this Winter dog clothes are made of warm and durable materials .

The dog coats candyPet ® They are designed with a sheepskin lining and additional padding , which provides the dog with extra warmth. With this raincoat You can take your pet for a walk on a rainy day, preventing it from getting excessively wet and preventing health problems.

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