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10 Types of Greyhounds

All greyhounds share similar characteristics, such as their slender appearance and their hunting ability and speed. However, they are a diverse family of dog breeds which present some differences. In this article we tell you 10 types of greyhounds different and how they differ.

10 types of greyhounds

Each greyhound It has unique physical characteristics. They can vary in size, coat length, head shape, leg length, coat color, and more. Greyhound breeds can also differ in terms of size and weight.

The history of these dogs, where they come from and what they were bred for also makes distinctions between them. Historically, Greyhounds were bred for hunting , and different dog breeds may have specific abilities to hunt certain types of prey. Some may be better hare hunters, while others are better at hunting large game.

As it has evolved the relationship between humans and dogs , greyhound breeds They have also adapted to different roles. Some guys are popular in Greyhound racing , while others are more appreciated as household companions.

In this article we tell you What are the top 10 types of greyhounds.

Italian Greyhound

He Italian Greyhound , also known as Piccolo Levriero Italian , is a dog breed recognized for her exceptional grace, elegance and speed.

This type of greyhound is a companion loving and affectionate . He tends to form strong bonds with his family, although he can be somewhat reserved around strangers. Despite its hunting instinct , often He gets along well with other dogs and pets if properly socialized from an early age.

In ancient times he was considered a prestigious figure in Mediterranean culture. Popular in ancient Rome and Greece, valued for its beauty and hunting ability. Currently, it is mainly considered a service dog and exhibition in canine beauty contests.

Despite his speed and energy, the Italian Greyhound It is surprisingly adaptable to indoor life. While he enjoys running and playing outdoors, he is also a calm and comfortable dog at home . Being extremely intelligent, training canine It is generally rewarding for this dog.

English Greyhound

If we had to define the English Greyhound with three concepts, this breed of greyhound would be elegance, speed and smooth nature.

Also know as Greyhound , its history dates back to ancient Greece and Egypt . For a long time, they were symbols of nobility and royalty, and their selective breeding focused on developing fast and beautiful dogs. Initially bred as hunting dogs , over the years they have also been used for Greyhound racing.

The English Greyhound is larger than the Italian Greyhound, the latter showing a more graceful and lighter appearance. Because of his Short coat , both greyhounds are sensitive to extreme temperatures, so attention should be paid to care in cold or hot climates.


He whippet is a breed of dog which resembles English Greyhound in its elegant and slender appearance, but in a smaller size. Unlike the larger greyhounds , Whippets are medium sized and more compact.

They have their origin in England , developed in the 19th century to participate in dog racing . They were raised from greyhound crosses and smaller terrier breeds to create a fast and agile dog which was suitable for racing on shorter tracks.

Their smaller size and playful nature make them ideal companions for families with children and other dogs. Although they enjoy activity and play, they are also known for their ability to relax and unwind at home. In fact, the Whippets They are active and enjoy exercise, but do not require as much as some other greyhound breeds.

Spanish Greyhound

He Spanish Greyhound It is a medium to large sized dog with a slim, athletic body. This has a long history in Spain , where it was originally bred for hunting hares and other small animals. It was used on varied terrain, requiring a combination of speed, agility and endurance.

Although they are active, Spanish Greyhounds They do not require as much exercise as some other greyhound breeds. They enjoy going for walks and runs, but are also suited to home life if their activity needs are met.

Persian Greyhound or Saluki

He saluki is one of the oldest dog breeds known, with a history dating back thousands of years in Middle Eastern cultures.

This breed of dog is commonly known as Persian Greyhound . This association is not only due to its history in Persia , but also to its appearance similar to that of greyhounds. They have a thin, muscular body, with long legs and an elongated head.

Traditionally, these dogs were also used for hunting, in these cases in open and desert terrain. Currently they are used in activities such as coursing , hunting simulations in controlled environments. However, most of the Salukis They are affectionate pets, since they are very sensitive dogs that respond best to training based on rewards and positive reinforcement.

Afghan Greyhound or Afghan Hound

He Afghan Hound It is a breed of dog originating from Afghanistan , specifically its mountainous regions. Also bred for hunting, in this case in mountainous and desert terrain, they were considered status symbols of the Afghan tribes.

They have a slender and muscular body, long legs and an elongated head. However, unlike most greyhounds, the Afghan Greyhound It is not characterized by short, fine hair. His Long and silky fur , also present on its hanging ears and tail, gives it a graceful and elegant appearance.

This exotic beauty of a dog is more independent than other types of greyhounds. Although they are affectionate and loyal to their owners, the Afghan hound has a reserved temperament and sometimes distant. They are even described as “cats in dog bodies”, due to their calm and observant character.

While other greyhounds need coats to insulate their bodies from the cold, the long coat of the Afghan Hound It requires constant care to keep it in good condition.

Borzoi or Russian Greyhound

He Borzoi , also known as Russian Greyhound , is a breed of elegant and majestic dog which originated in Russia . It was bred by the Russian nobility to hunt wolves and other large animals. His name “borzoi” means “fast” in Russian, reflecting his hunting skill and speed.

Nowadays, they value each other primarily as companions and occasionally participate in dog show events.

It's a big dog and slender with a tall and thin body. Also with long fur like the Afghan Hound , are known for their aristocratic appearance. As with the previous dog, the long coat of the Borzoi Requires regular brushing to prevent tangles and keep it in good condition.

Another similarity with Afghan Greyhound It's his character. The Borzois They are known for their calm and reserved temperament . Although they can be affectionate with their owners, they often show a certain independence and dignity . They can be a little shy and aloof around strangers, but form strong bonds with their families.

Arabian Greyhound

A medium-sized dog, sporting a short, dense coat, the Arabian Greyhound either Sloughi is a Dog breed native to North Africa , especially the regions of Morocco and other countries in the area.

It stands out for its elegance, speed and hunting skills. Like Afghan Greyhounds, these dogs have historically been bred for hunting in desert and mountainous terrain .

He Sloughi It also has similarities with the Afghan Hound and the Borzoi for his character. The Arabian Greyhounds are known for their calm and reserved temperament . Are loyal and affectionate dogs with their owners, but they can also be independent and distant with strangers.

Scottish Greyhound

As its name indicates, the Scottish Greyhound it is originally from Scotland . Known as Scottish Deerhound , is a breed of large dog , which, due to its imposing presence, has had great relevance in deer hunting. Not only were they used by the Scottish nobility to hunt these large prey, they were also considered symbols of status and privilege.

This large and muscular dog, but at the same time elegant and slender, shows a curious coat, rough on the back and softer on other parts of the body. It can be of various colors, usually gray and blue tones.

Although they are large and powerful, they also have a gentle and calm nature. They are good family companions, friendly and gentle. They are loyal, affectionate and usually get along well with other dogs and pets.

Hungarian Greyhound

The last specimen we studied of these 10 types of greyhounds , it is the Hungarian Greyhound. He Magyar Agar It is an ancient breed that has existed in Hungary during centuries. It descends from the ancient greyhounds of the region that were used by the Magyar nomads to hunt hares and deer. Over the years, the Hungarian Greyhound It adapted to the hunting conditions and needs in Hungary, developing its distinctive characteristics.

Like other greyhounds, although the Magyar Agar It is a family dog, retains hunting instincts and is usually quite energetic and needs exercise and mental stimulation.

As you can see, these 10 types of greyhounds They differ in a variety of ways, and each breed of dog It has its own distinctive characteristics that make it unique. It is important to research and understand the specific characteristics and needs of a greyhound breed before considering it as a pet.

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