Las Claves Del Collar Martingale

The Keys to the Martingale Collar

Are you looking for a collar for your dog? Don't know which one to choose? Most likely, if you've come this far, something like "Martingale" sounds familiar to you. In this article we tell you everything about the martingale collar and what differentiates it from the others.

How the martingale collar works

He operation of the martingale system It is based on two parts of the collar, a fixed part and a sliding part. The fixed part contains two rings, where the moving part is placed. The leash is tied to the moving part of the collar. If the dog wearing it pulls on the leash, the moving part slides and slightly squeezes the dog's neck.
The advantage that this collar has in relation to others on the market is that it adapts to your dog's neck, so that if it tries to escape it cannot stick its head out. For these reasons, they are known as «anti-escape collars» . It is necessary to place it correctly to maintain the well-being and health of our dog, which is the most important thing. Additionally, it should be noted that these collars simply close to fit your dog's neck in the event of a pull, but it is not a choke collar.
On the other hand, these necklaces must be made with quality materials. From candyPet we offer you our different collections to choose from , made from materials such as tweed, corduroy or cotton. The latter is our star collection, in which the collar ribbons are lined on both sides with cotton (to minimize friction with the neck). And joined by welded metal buckles. To provide them with greater resistance, they have reinforced seams.

Why use a martingale collar

These types of collars have established themselves as a valid solution for all types of breeds, especially large breeds. Although in the beginning they were only designed for use by sighthounds, that is, those whose heads are so narrow with their necks. Like the greyhounds , hounds, whippets, Afghans or Italian greyhounds.
These are recommended by trainers as a replacement for traditional training collars. Because the martigale necklaces They distribute the pressure on the dog's neck, avoiding any damage. The intention of these collars is to make attention calls to our dog, through a little pressure, when we want to avoid unwanted behaviors during their walk. Another advantage is that these necklaces are much more aesthetic and can be used daily.

How to properly attach a martingale collar

The correct placement of martingale collar to your dog is of vital importance. Although at first it may seem like a somewhat complicated process, it is very simple and methodical. The first thing we recommend as soon as you start is to open the collar using the sliding buckle. You just need to open it enough for the head to fit through. Then he proceeds to put it on carefully until he reaches the neck. Where you will adjust it by sliding, it should not be too tight or too loose. Adjusting it correctly is very important for your dog's safety and comfort. This should be about 3-4 fingers apart between the rings of the short ribbon once you pull it. The two buckles that we show you in the video should never touch each other. If this happens it could be because it is not the correct size.
Below we leave you an illustrative video where you can learn with this video how to correctly place a candyPet martingale collar:

How to correctly choose the size of the martingale collar

Before purchasing any type of martingale collar It is necessary to measure our dog well to make a good choice. To know your correct size we need two measurements; the contour of the head and neck. The first is around the widest part of the head, just before the ears. This measurement is necessary so that the collar can fit. On the other hand, we would need to know the measurements of the perimeter of the neck at the height where the necklace would go. Once these are taken, all that remains is to choose the necklace according to them.
We currently have two collections of martingale collars, each one has slightly different sizes:

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