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CandyPet® Click Collars

In candyPet® you will find a wide range of Click Necklaces for your pet, whether dog or cat.

We are a company in constant innovation, which follows the highest standards of quality and originality.

Click Cotton Collection

CandyPet® collars are collars made of a nylon ribbon, lined on both sides with cotton fabric (to minimize friction with the neck), and joined by welded metal buckles. Additionally, to provide them with greater resistance, they have reinforced seams.
It is ideal for any breed of dog.
In the case of breeds such as greyhounds, hounds or any other type of greyhound, we recommend the use of our Martingale collars, specially designed for escapist dogs.

What measurements do cotton Click Collars have?

Click Nylon Necklaces Collection

Necklaces from the nylon collection candyPet ® They are adjustable, resistant and comfortable, in addition to being the perfect accessory to set trends on the street.

We can highlight among its features that they are adjustable, have a neoprene-lined interior for greater comfort, and as an extra safety feature, they are made with resistant nylon and have reinforced seams.

Perfect to combine with its matching accessories: belt, bow tie, bag holder.

What measurements do the Nylon Click Collars have?

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