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Greyhound Coats

Unlike some dog breeds with layers of insulating fat or dense fur, dogs greyhounds they have one thin skin and little hair . These slender and agile dogs , which stand out for their thinness , they are more prone to cold . Therefore, the greyhound coats They are an essential garment to protect these animals during the winter months.

Coats for greyhounds

He cold It can be detrimental to your greyhound's health. This dog breed can suffer from hypothermia or develop health problems such as arthritis if not adequately protected from the cold.

The greyhounds they are not only Thin dogs , which are characterized by their thin skin and fine coat of hair. These dogs They also have a low body fat percentage , which further reduces your ability to retain heat. Therefore, they need extra help to stay warm and comfortable when it's cold.

Greyhound coat candyPet ®

The greyhound coats They are of great help so that your dog does not suffer during the winter months. Designed to provide thermal isolation and wind protection , these garments winter clothing for greyhounds They're made of warm and resistant materials . Candypet greyhound coats are designed with a Shearling lining and additional filling , which provides the dog with extra warmth.

The waterproof coats for greyhounds candyPet ® They not only keep your dog protected from the cold. With this garment clothing for greyhounds , you can take your pet for a walk during a rainy day without the animal getting excessively wet and cold. The raincoat will prevent the coat from getting soaked and will help prevent problems such as bad odor, irritated skin, and fungal growth.

Proper fit is essential for the coat to fulfill its function of keeping your hot greyhound The making of the greyhound coats candyPet ® is specially designed in Spain to fit comfortably on your curved back and deep chest. In this way, it allows a Comfortable but not restrictive fit . Plus, for added convenience, they have a handy zippered hole for the harness.

candyPet ® , store specialized in greyhounds

A quality coat is essential to keep your healthy dog and active throughout the year. If your greyhound feels comfortable and warm, he will be more willing to enjoy his walks and outdoor activities, regardless of the weather.

With the aim of creating a company in constant innovation, each accessory candyPet ® is designed to be not only a beautiful product, but also safe and comfortable for our pets. Number one in manufacturing and distribution of martingale collar , the favorite greyhound collar . Ideal for any of these 10 types of greyhound dogs.

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